Meet Joshua A. DuBose

Dentist in North Augusta, SC

Joshua A DuBose - DentistDr. Joshua DuBose is a 2005 graduate of the Dental College of Georgia in Augusta, GA.  He spent his first 11 years in private practice in the town of Monroe, GA.  In 2016, Dr. Josh and his family moved to Cusco, Peru as medical missionaries and served in the clinic La Fuente Centro de Salud Integral.  There he worked as a dentist treating the underserved as well as teaching and discipling medical and dental Peruvian students.

Dr. Josh, his wife Cindy, and 3 children, Emma, Bowden, and Blakely then moved back to the USA in 2020.  They attend Stevens Creek Church.  Through immaculate timing, Dr. Josh was able to meet Dr. C.I. Norton and ultimately purchased this practice.  In 2021, Dr. Josh purchased the practice of the late Dr. Clarissa Schmidt and has now combined both offices into what is now The Dental Center of North Augusta.

His hope is to continue the legacies that both Dr. Norton and Dr. Schmidt established over the last few decades.  He desires to serve the CSRA and surrounding areas and provide quality and compassionate care to his patients.  Dr. Josh is also fluent in Spanish and has formed a team that can help to accommodate Spanish speakers.  He looks forward to meeting you and your families.